The Comic Relief Exploralaboratorium

The challenge

How can Comic Relief make new money, in new ways, at new times, using digital stuff?

The approach

  1. Gather ideas
  2. Make hacks
  3. Learn quickly
  4. Launch products

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The Hacks
Six digital product ideas, each made in a week

  • OCT
    Hack 1 Dare Roulette

    The proposition
    Get your mates to do stupid stuff for money.

    The product

    Screengrabs of Dare Roulette
  • OCT
    Hack 2 Topic Telly

    The proposition
    Provide high quality video content to Comic Relief schools

    The product

    Screengrabs of Topic Telly
  • OCT
    Hack 3 Mega Miles

    The proposition
    Runners raise money by running long distances

    The product

    Screengrabs of Mega Miles
  • NOV
    Hack 4 The Last Laugh

    The proposition
    Put a gift to Comic Relief in your will

    The product

    Screengrabs of Last Laugh
  • NOV
    Hack 5 The Napp Challenge

    The proposition
    Raise money for Comic Relief by NOT using your smartphone

    The product

    Screengrabs of Napp Challenge
  • NOV
    Hack 6 Fundeer

    The proposition
    Get sponsored to give your skills to Comic Relief charities.

    The product

    Screengrabs of Fundeer

Your idea for the

If you have an idea for how Comic Relief could make new money, in new ways, at new times, using digital stuff, suggest it here. If its a good idea, we'll work with you to make it into a hack that you can go and test with users, and then hopefully turn into a real, working, digital product or service.
  • Overview of the concept
  • How you think it might make or raise money
  • Who you think will use it